Alec Buck’s EMS Helicopters is an HAA | EMS Helicopter enthusiast web site, focusing on images of flight programs from the northeast United States. Also includes maps showing flight program locations and Level 1 & 2 Trauma Centers. In the end, we just want to share some really cool photos and give a shout out to all the dedicated flight crews out there in the air everyday….

Our history... then


The origins of

For Alec's 5th birthday we officially registered the domain name. Starting with a few photos we took at the Geisinger Life Flight hangar, we started up a small enthusiast helicopter website. By the time Alec was 10, the website had exploded in popularity and Alec was a highlight of the 2005 Air Medical Conference in Cincinnati. This photo shows Alec with N915ME, STAT MedEvac's AS365 Dauphin, while at a photo shoot for the conference.

..... and now


and now 20+ years later......

Now 27, Alec, a 2016 finance graduate of the PennState Smeal College of Business, is a Sr. Healthcare Financial Analyst for the Lehigh Valley Health Network. Recently married, Alec and his wife Eeshani reside in the Allentown area. 

During Alec's college days, as  interest in the website waned, we seriously considered turning off the site. In the end, we scaled back to a more manageable level and what you see today is the result. 

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AMRM Training
The aviation and medical fields know that without a continuous effort and focus on safety, highly preventable mistakes can easily go unnoticed. Air Medical Resource Management (AMRM), conceived from the roots of Crew Resource Management (CRM), encompasses both flight safety and patient safety.
LZ Control
LZControl is a FREE International Helispot Database designed to improve safety and communication for the Helicopter Air Ambulance community. Increase your program's safety with a searchable helispot database containing contact information, coordinates, IFR information and more.
E.C.H.O. was founded by operational flight programs to take advantage of joint training opportunities in a less formal environment at no/low cost. It was created and designed as a way to utilize the wealth of knowledge and experiences brought forth by individual flight programs and their crews.
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"It would be right to say that the helicopter's role in saving lives represents one of the most glorious pages in the history of human flight."

Igor Sikorsky

At that time [1909] the chief engineer was almost always the chief test pilot as well. That had the fortunate result of eliminating poor engineering early in aviation.

Igor Sikorsky

“If a man is in need of rescue, an airplane can come in and throw flowers on him, and that's just about all. But a direct lift aircraft could come in and save his life.” 

Igor Sikorsky