N811LV enters service as WellFlight 4-90

July 26, 2023 |Roger Buck | Stevens, PA

This week N811LV , sporting a new Wellspan livery, entered service as WellFlight 4-90 based at the Stevens Fire Department in Stevens, Pennsylvania. N811LV replaces N341AM, the temporary Air Methods aircraft brought in to start up the base in March 2023. 

The seasoned enthusiast will recognize N811LV as the previous LVHN MedEvac 1 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Air Methods will be changing the N # soon. Once the change occurs, the N811LV registration will be reassigned to the EC135 now serving with LVHN MedEvac 1 in Kutztown.

Photo by Roger Buck.

MFC places first AW119 in service

July 17, 2023 | Mercy Flight Press Release | Canandaigua, NY

Mercy Flight Central is celebrating an exciting milestone as the first of their four new AW119 helicopters goes into service on Monday, July 17, 2023. The state-of-the-art helicopter will be in service at the Canandaigua base, with their Marcellus and Rome bases next to be equipped with the new airframe. 

The fleet of AW119 helicopter will support Mercy Flight Central’s mission of providing high quality care to the critically ill or injured. As MFC is in their 31st year of dedicated service to their community, this new helicopter represents not only a historic moment for MFC, but also a renewed commitment to the communities that they serve.  

President & CEO Erin Reese stated “­­­I am proud of my team’s dedication to bringing these new aircraft into service. They have embraced change while learning new skills. Our new helicopters will help us continue to serve our community, being there for them when they need us most.”

Photo by MFC.F