Boston MedFlight Upgrades Fleet

January 28, 2024 | Bedford, Massachusetts

On December 21, 2023 – N246NE arrived in Bedford from Shreveport, LA. The arrival of this new aircraft  continues the BFM fleet moderization. Our records now show their fleet being comprised of:

  1. N141NE: D2 with 5 blade retro
  2. N142NE: D3
  3. N143NE: presently at Grand Prairie for 5 blade retro
  4. N144NE: D2 with 5 blade retro
  5. N145NE: D2 with 5 blade retro
  6. N246NE: D3
  7. N273NE: C2 – unconfirmed reports this aircraft has been purchased by Air Methods
Boston MedFlight has the most modern fleet of EMS Helicopters in the NE USA. Starting in 1984 with a BK117, BMF has also operated Dauphin and S76 aircraft alongside the BK117s.  

Photo from BMF “X” feed.

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